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Camp 31 was founded in 1908 as a “Saw Mill” general store outside Brewton, Alabama. Camp 31 BBQ was established by Larry Murphy in 1985, and we’ve been serving up mouth watering authentic southern BBQ ever since. In 1986, the Brewton Police Dept. helped us enter our first BBQ cook off in Pensacola, Florida. In the 1986 cook-off we won 3 first place trophies, and since, touring of the US and Canada has not stopped. The store is now headquarters to our award-winning cook off team. Look for us at an event near you!

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Sticky Fingers BBQ & Company

Texas Rangers – Originally from Motley Texas, now out of Zorra Township, Ontario. Began touring the Canadian Circuit 7 years ago winning several awards every year! The company has grown and become a large contender amongst the best in The North American Ribfest Circuit.

Our Award Winning BBQ team brings you the best in Ribs, Chicken & Pulled Pork.
“Good enough” is just not an option for us – We have to be simply the best!

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Bibbs has a new owner and new look!! Dave (Bibbs Boss) originated from Austin Texas as a butcher of 29 years. He’s always had a passion for BBQ and decided to bring the taste to central Canada. The recipe was created from the Bibbs Boss himself! Get your serving of our backside and don’t forget the beans and slaw.

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Hawgs gone Wild BBQ was founded in 1985 in Daytona Beach, Florida. They have been on the BBQ competition circuit for the past ten years. With our famous sweet and sticky BBQ sauce; Hawgs gone Wild has won well over 100 awards. WE LOVE WHAT WE DO! Smoked food is our passion and you will taste the love as you dig into our Ribs, Pulled Pork or our mouthwatering Chicken, oh ya, and don’t forget about our famous Grammy Willie’s Corn Bread. NOBODY BEATS OUR MEAT!

For over 30 years, Gator BBQ has been delivering mouth watering chicken, pulled pork and ribs to the hungry crowds of Rib Fests all across North America. Touring Canada and the Northern United States, the Smith family of Port Dover continue to win countless awards and events with their signature southern BBQ cuisine.

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Smokin’ for over 30 years! Billy is a one of the true Grand Farthers of BBQ and he says”it’s a great thing to feed folks,” as one of the legendary competition cookers he has traveled to every state in USA to cook, compete and win. He has even done it in Ireland, Jamacia and Canada..

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Bill “Bone Daddy” wall got into the business by accident. While working on a construction site in Colorado building houses, rather than drive into town for lunch, he began grilling hot dogs, chicken, and…ribs. Many would think the best barbecue hails from the south, but as many competitions and even national news have picked up on, you don’t have to go south. Midland, MI houses a champion barbecue house, where every morsel is cooked with love and a dedication to barbecue.

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At Crabby’s BBQ Shack, we pride ourselves on being the only team in Canada to slow bake our ribs. This technique has helped us win 12 years in a row people’s choice best ribs in Toronto, along with over 400 other awards all over Ontario! We aim to provide only the best meats along with a customer service record above any other. Our famous meats and unique sauce partnered together with an open flame create a lip smacking, finger licking good experience!

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Silver Bullet has been in business for over ten years bringing you the best smoked ribs. Our sauce and dry rub recipes originated in the heart of Texas. We are a team of BBQ enthusiasts! We’ve been BBQ-ing since childhood and have the scars to prove it. The Silver Bullet team is from Guelph, Ontario and we participate in over 20 shows a year. Not being able to be in two places at once, we now have two rib fest pig rigs touring across Ontario and the surrounding region. Some of our delicious menu items include ribs, BBQ chicken, and BBQ pulled pork.

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We are one of the largest traveling caterers in the province of Ontario. Ribfest’s, concerts, cooperate catering and high volume events are our specialty. We are currently planning to market our sauces and barbeque products nationwide.

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